Production workers

We offer

Work in a new company that has just started its activity in Klaipėda! 

  • bonuses depending on the quality of work performed;
  • opportunities for training and qualification;
  • weekly salary if convenient. 

Work schedule: I-V, ( 06:00-14:30, 14:30-23:00 h).

Free transport to/from work in Klaipėda and to/from Gargždai, Vėžaičiai, Dituva, Šilalė, Laukuva, Kvėdarna, Rietavas, Endriejavas, Kartena, Kretinga, Kuliai, Plungė, Šilutė, Priekulė, Vilkyčiai, Saugai.

We‘re hoping from you

No work experience necessary – we will teach you everything! 

Higher starting salary with experience in electronics production. 

What is waiting for you

  • selection of small wires according to numbering;
  • assembling, soldering and testing electronic components;
  • quality assurance;
  • packaging of finished products. 

Interested? Register or call 8 636 09282 to get a job offer right away! 

Salary: from 670.00 to 875.00 (neto per month)
Valid till: