Job offers, recruitment

Is the job legal?

Yes, working with BIURO is legal. Temporary employment is a form of job when you sign an employment contract with BIURO, a temporary employment agency, which becomes your direct employer and you actually work in another company, which is your job giver.

BIURO employees get a complete package of social benefits, including state social insurance, compulsory health insurance, employment history record, paid sickness allowances.

BIURO is a member of Clear Wave (a transparency business-labelling initiative). The main objective of the initiative – to encourage a transparent and ethical Lithuanian business practice. We joined the “Clear Wave”, because we want to highlight exceptional BIURO approach to working time and wage accounting transparency, as well as promoting our existing and potential employees not to tolerate the illegal money.

How much will I be charged for my employment?

All BIURO services for job-seekers are free of charge.

Will I work in the same place for the whole contract term?

When you sign a temporary employment contract, BIURO becomes your employer. You will perform your assignments in the job-giver’s company. Once your assignment with this company ends, we will offer you another job in another company, so your actual worksites may change in the course of your employment contract.

I am currently registered with the Public Employment Agency and receive the unemployment benefit. If I am employed by you, do I lose the unemployment benefit and status?

Temporary employment contract may be fixed-term or indefinite term. When you sign a fixed-term contract of employment with a temporary employment agency, then the unemployment status will be suspended for a period of your fixed-term employment contract. If a fixed-term employment contract will be concluded or renewed for more than 6 months, then your unemployment status will be withdrawn.

When you sign an indefinite term temporary employment contract, then the registration in the Public Employment Agency will be cancelled.

We would like to draw your attention, that you must notify your representative from the Public Employment Agency within 3 working days that you have signed a fixed-term or an indefinite term contract of employment with a temporary employment agency. For more information please visit the website of the Lithuanian Labour Exchange www.ldb.lt/en.

What documents are needed for conclusion of the contract of employment?

To sign an employment contract, you need to have the following documents:

  1. Passport or personal identity card;
  2. Social insurance certificate / record;
  3. Bank account number (to which your wage will be transferred);
  4. A medical certificate of compulsory health examination;
  5. Other documents:
    • Birth certificates of children
    • Marriage / divorce certificate
    • Disability certificate
    • Hygiene and first aid certificates
    • Documents attesting to you professional qualification